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Swing Motor System
DuraJack Swing/Folding Arm motor (SGS)

- Driving Method: Electro-mechanical screw driver piston type

- Motor Output: 18 watt per arm

- Motor Amp: 2.5

- Piston Speed: Dual Speed 10-15second

- Back-Up: 12VDC. 7AH rechargeable

- Safety Barrier: Infrared beam sensor (optional)

- Electric Controller: Micro-Processor based

- 250KGS single wing door

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Dynagate DYNA PW330

>For gates up to 350 kg or 4 meters per leaf

>With key release

>The system provides electronic anti-crusing feature, auto reverse & instant stop upon contact

>Easy installation, non underground motor.

>With backup battery, the system can still be operated during power failure.

>Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping.

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Slidling Motor System